Posted on: 8/13/2020 by John Siebert
Mountain hunting takes a toll on your equipment, especially your bow. By the end of bowhunting season, my bow is looking rough—rock scars on the cams, strings are fuzzed, paint is chipped, bolts are rusted, and the grip is worn—but I know it’s still spot on from the extra measures I take.   Read More
Posted on: 8/3/2020 by John Siebert
A listing of website concerning archery in Ohio.  Read More
Posted on: 8/2/2020 by John Siebert
Couldn't get my drawing elbow around without pain in my shoulder and back. Then I saw this illustration.  Read More
Posted on: 8/1/2020 by John Siebert
Today’s Lessons: -Zanshin- the mind with no remainder. In other words the mind is being completely fixated on the task or the action and is in a state of awareness, a relaxed alertness!  Read More
Posted on: 7/31/2020 by John Siebert
Archery is a relaxing, calming sport, but one that requires incredible strength of mind and body. As you focus on your target, clear your head, and ready for the release, you activate numerous muscles throughout your body that need regular training. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned archer, incorporating archery strength training into your schedule is essential to improve your shot.   Read More
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