Physical Condition/Practice
physical condition/practice

Physical Condition/Practice

Physical Condition/Practice

This section will breakdown into two sections - Physical Condition/Injury Recovery and Practice.

Physical Condition/Injury Recovery

Archery is great fun and very addictive, as soon as I started target archery I was hooked. Did you know that it's also great for improving concentration, hand eye coordination as well as improve mental fitness. Archery is also great for those that want to improve fitness and strength due to the weight needed to continue to draw the bow. Not including the amount of walking needed to collect all those arrows.

You don't need to be strong like Hercules to be a great archer. Archery is more about stability, great posture and flexibility.

Stepping up your fitness game will boost your skills with a bow and arrows. Archery-focused exercises can help you draw a bow more easily, while building the stability and body control necessary for proper archery form. To build stability and body control, the world's best archers train on the range, in the gym and even on the yoga mat for complete archery fitness. The extra training gives them the needed edge to focus, steady their aim and outshoot the competition.

Whether you're a new archer or even a season bowmen, these exercises will help you gain strength, improve your technique, and boost accuracy. These exercises are easily done at home and only take minutes to complete. You can even do them while watching TV or your videos.

Below are several different aspects of this:


Practice can take many forms. Besides practicing shooting there is skill building which develops the foundation to strong archery form. The skills building will include:

  • Stance: Address The Target Drill
  • Grip: Grip Tape Drill
  • Transfer to Hold: Scapula Wall Drill
  • Transfer to Hold: Thumb to Scapula Drill
  • Release: Slip Release With Bow Drill
  • Shot Process: Cup on the Head Drill
  • Set Up: Arm Raise Drill
  • Draw: Static Strap Training Drill
  • Hold: Structure SPT Drill
  • Release: Grip Release Drill
  • Shot Process: Scapular Retraction Drill

Actual shooting practice will include taking the skills built above and applying them to actual shooting skill development:

  • Blank Bale Shooting for Stance/Setup, Draw to Load, Anchoring, Transfer to Hold, Expand/Aim, Follow Through
  • Consistency Drills to develop muscle memory and a build a smooth, relaxed consistent shot process
  • Aiming Drills to develop seeing the target and not the scope
  • Outdoor vs Indoor Drills to develope the different skills need for the different shooting formats.
  • Shooting in tough, wind, shooting up/down hills

We all want to achieve the highest level of performance of which we are capable. As mentioned in the In Sights article, practice and training have a big impact on an athlete's performance level. How exactly do we get the most out of practice? How do we train more effectively so that we have high quality practice? How do we practice more efficiently so that we can shoot a greater quantity of arrows? I n the great words of Allen Iverson, "We're going talk about practice. Not the game."

Here is how we get the most out of practice. Click this link.